How to open a new shop?

It’s an attractive idea to open a shop that sells products you’re interested in, and every year, thousands of first-time entrepreneurs do just that.Be prepared for this business challenge. Read the following steps to learn how to open a shop.
1.Choose what product you want to sell.There are many different commodity,including jewerly,clothing,electronic products,ect. Accroding to the market requirement and your interest, you can decide what product to sell.
2.Targeted customer groups. Decide who you want to sell the products and who would buy them.
3.Shop location selection. Huge flow of people were deponds on where your shop is. Your business success lies in whether or not right shop location.
4.Decie your shop style. Deponds on your products and costomers, choose your shop interior design style.
5.Purchase the equipment you need to run your shop, like retail store fixtures, retail kiosk, retail shop furniture and computer, as well as your supplies.
6.Merchandise displays. Display shelves in order to display goods, generally do not use provocative colors, so unoriginal.More and more boss hired a professional designer to display its goods in the shop.

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How to Expand The Space When Arranging The Showroom

We found that in some large exhibition or the stadium, there are often some exhibitors that are assigned with a smaller exhibition space, with the addition to the lack of lighting which bring a great deal of trouble to the design of the showcase.This urge the designers of showcase to manage to find ways to change the unfavorable conditions and factors, otherwise it will lead to the failure of the entire exhibition. How to take advantage of the existing adverse conditions and achieve better showing effect?


First, showcase designers should grasp the skills of space design, organization and the capacity of master to make the small showcase become bigger. And there are some ways as the following:


1.Adopt a small scale in the design of the booth design. In a smaller exhibition space it is not advisable for you to make the display props too large, but it should be coordinated with the scale of the exhibition space accordingly. On the selection of scale should be on the basis of the upper size which to make the audience feel warm and comfortable.


2.The environment of the showrooms can adopt the combination of the overall picture and partial photo. If the showroom design is shorter,you can install a grille group of lamps on the ceiling which in a row or square grid,or use the track lighting to illuminate the ceiling. You can also use the straight tube fluorescent lamps to made a large area of light-emitting ceiling. The use of state-of-the-art electroluminescent lighting technology, light up the ceiling, walls and floor of the entire site. In addition, in the back and bottom of the wall of showcase, in the lower part of the showcase is also fitted with straight tube fluorescent or neon. In this way, the showcase will make people feel wide, tall and change the original impression of depression and dullness.


3.Space interface and display channel should choose white or light colors. White and light color surface for the wall or props and the cutting-off appearance, will increase the broad sense of space. And with the deep color will makes one feel the space is small and oppressed depression.


4.In order to make the booth “bright”,you can adopt the light box structure and with white plexiglass inserts installed inside the straight tube fluorescent lamps which make the booth body transparent and make people feel very light and crisp, and the booth is outstanding to attract the attention of viewers.


5.Reducing the number of display props. If the showroom is small,the exhibit density must be small, less, and the channel need to be wide  to ensure the safety of the audience and make the showroom appear wide.


6.The exhibits placed modeling should be concise and strong integrity. No matter the appearance of the booth image, or exhibits and other props are supposed to be “clear” and “Simple” absolutely avoid complicated and trivial shape.You should lay emphasis on the clear, simple, generous, and people feel very comfortable after see it. This is particularly important.


7.Use less decorative patterns.Because the small showroom,it is not proper to use some large-scale and strong pattern decoration in a strong sense, because these patterns will make people feel the showrooms “change” smaller and distracting.


8.Adopt the small but exquisite and projected approach.If you display your products in a small space, be sure to select exhibits, selected the most typical and representative;and these exhibits should be treated differently, prioritize, presentation, choice of lining color, lighting quality and artistic techniques,anyway,you should make something different to some extent.

Kiosk Cost Estimates And Choose The Most Satisfied Kiosk

Unlike many individual customers that run at lower price tags, both commercial and government clients typically seek out the most cost-effective prices with the best value in a long term.However,this does not mean that “how much of the cost?” is not one of the first questions made in the implementation of the kiosks. If you are one of these clients, you can search for general information and tips on preparing for various kiosk cost survey estimates that you will get from the reputable companies.


As you will see, there are two inherent uncertainties and business-model price to make accurate price quotes of mall Kiosk all but impossible until the detail and scope of the project are defined. At the beginning of the process, a few customers know exactly how many units they need and what features and capabilities of the units must have. Moreover, few customers know how long they want their investments to cover kiosk, as is possible with the lease or rental kiosk is often subject to licensing agreements covering a certain amount of time . Not only is it possible that you have not settlements to these responses, it is often wise to leave your options open. More cost effective kiosk plan can be developed in coordination with the best vendor providers. Trying to make different offers to fit into a predetermined budget can make it more difficult to get the best possible decision for your business.


With the increasingly fierce social competition,engaging in commercial activities not only need a good location, good product, but also a good display cabinets or kiosk cart to display your products.As a saying goes,”Clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse.” The product  also requires fabulous display, so as to attract customers and to increase sales.


Display cabinets is akindof grandlearning,he covers a lot of things can be said that cross several areas, including wood, paints and coatings, metal products, hardware accessories, electric appliances, and even the design industry and software industry is also designed to involve! So the  producing process ofshowcase is actually a more complex and multi-channel process, so we should also pay attention to the customer at the time of purchase.


The first thing is the timber.As is known to all there are both good or bad materials available.The difference of the trees certainly make the price vary from one to another. There are some sawdust synthetic sheet drawn is not the same,all these directly affects the level of prices, so when our customers in the purchase of display cabinets need to pay attention, you have your sense of difference of the price.There must be some reason for the expensive kiosk,however, it is advisable for you to be careful not to be cheated by unscrupulous vendors with the terrible quality. I strongly suggest that you’d better make the  custom design and tell the manufacturers which type of timber you need.Only in this way you won’t be cheated.


4 Rules Shoe Display Cabinet Manufacturer Won’t Tell You

How to make the shoe store decoration design?I think most of our display cabinets or kiosks can not only attract enormous numbers of customers but also simple and elegant is largely attributed to the pursuit of perfect display effect and take all the details into account, as is known to all, shoe store interior design mainly features the display cabinets, for those vast varieties of footwear products,it is a challenge not only for the overall and detail is, for example, the background light boxes for each pair of shoes is a good expression for design performance. Following we will talk about the details of how to implement it.


First you need to make a product positioning.All our design are for those who wear shoes,so we need to make a research on consumers and their consumption level, simply means that you want to target which type of consumer group,and then think about your directional style of decoration. Whether it is stylish, western or Chinese is all depends on you.However, do not imitate, especially for the nearby display cabinet. Personalized decoration will make your store more outstanding and lively. If you sell women shoes,it would be designed to reflect the elements of the woman and more feminine, if you sell men’s shoes, it would be generous coarse orientation and adopt the deep color, shoe display rack usually made of walnut and other materials.After confirming the shoe store position and the style of decoration,we talk about the design elements:


1.The most important thing is personality and outstanding is often the most difficult thing.That is ,the display cabinet should not only meet consuming psychology of the customers,but also can not be too vulgar and ordinary. This requires fully understand of the characteristics of the industry as a whole, in addition with artificial embellishment.Manage for yourself  can be more important than choosing the brands to decorate.


2.Shoe store interior design and the color of showcase producing should be representative,which purpose is to make the consumers know what shoes to buy when entering the store and see the colors,including quality.The grasp of color should take the light into consideration.And it also need to adjust the color of light according to the seasons.


3. Lighting and shoe display rack should match perfectly. Do not let the shoe display rack cabinet have the dark light is necessary, it is best overall lighting and the background light in each unit of the shoe rack, if the background is a mirror,then you need to make a small light, overcast light. Too strong light through a mirror may reflect to the user’s eye and make them feel uncomfortable.


4. The physical space of the shoe store, which is the overall decoration design control, how to make decoration design layout in a limited space, it would be best to make three options for customers to select,having the choice is the real design of decoration.If doing so then the customer will think it is the design of full confidence.And we all know,the so-called design is people-oriented, the best artistic design often can not become the commercial design sometimes it is true.


5 Details To Run a Successful Business With Our Showcase

Detail 1. Select the location of display according to the brand


Under normal circumstances,when choosing the brand display locations, we first thought basically in certain mall entrance or nearby, because we always thought that it is easy to increase the lively atmosphere with a lot of traffic.But the fact is not always as we expected. It’s right to choose the  location and the high traffic traffic. In addition,we have to consider whether the local active people can be in accordance with the crowd of the brand positioning and brand products.For example, your brand positioning is for those 20 to 30-year-old fashion young people,we suggest the place of activities can next to the door of the high-end stores and near the subway.


Detail 2. The decoration of the showroom should pursuit the freshness


Decoration of the showroom, on the one hand, should be consistent to brand image which gives a feeling of harmony and unity visually; On the other hand,also need a breakthrough in the traditional thinking.Don’t always can not get rid of the brand spokesman at the beginning of the design, just like a textile enterprise boldly use the idea of “pet” in the trading fair, as well as the exaggerated visual design, to attract the attention of visitors. Usually the most eye-catching places are reflected in the subtle details of the office. The regular decoration can always hardly to attract the interest of visitors, and even easy to produce visual fatigue.


Therefore, we advise that the relevant personnel in the design of the image of showroom design should give more consideration to how to use the details to reflect the brand’s special,and exert the imagination boldly, applied the creativity to a specific point. Even if we can not do without a spokesman for the brand, and we need to make efforts on the design of spokesperson image, such as the spokesperson for the image of the design beyond the normal picture, to give the visitors special visual illusion.


Detail 3. The display in the exhibition hall should be unique and fresh 


How is the display standard? What are the requirements in the selection of props? The visual merchandiser may consider this aspect in the display process more or less.After all, the success of the display or not related to the whole display effect. If your display is innovative enough, and will definitely firmly attracted visitors at the first time, and further arouse their interest in the visit. Instead,at the moment the visitors went into the exhibition hall, then he turned away, your display does not have the slightest attraction. The author believes that while the visual merchandiser in the choice of props,except from considering the brand image,and the overall environment ofshowroom kiosk, but also should consider other factors like brand or product.For example, the positioning of the brand is emphasizing the warmth of the family or a single emotional demands, the main exhibits is fashion or luxury, they can even start from the product color,to shape the overall display effect.


In such a creative era, people are very curious to observe everything happening around them, in order to make the spectators have favorable view of us, it is not easy.For the visual merchandiser who is creative, a bed must not be used to display at 2m x 2.2m rectangular, while there may be a diamond-shaped or heart-shaped and the like. The exhibition is the easiest way to convey the intuitive and visual information to the visitors.Keep in mind that the the process of display rather pursuit of bold and exaggeration, do not arbitrarily imitate or copy the successful model of others.


Details 4. The layout of the showroom lighting


Many people are aware of the importance of lighting layout, but very few companies are willing to spend money to hire a real “professional” gaffer to arrange the light source in the display activities. From a viewer’s point of view, I believe that only for promotion, as long as keeping the general basic illumination that will be alright.If for those large-scale brand display,it is very necessary to hire theexperienced professional gaffer,only experienced professionals know how to use light to heighten the overall environment so as to achieve the effect you want such as warm, romantic, natural,etc. If it is a professional lighting specialists within the industry,by using of light,it can also reflect the luxury, elegant, fashion and beautiful products.


Detail 5. The choice of welcoming shopping guide


Choose what kind of purchasing guide is very important.Here i want to talk about what purchasing guide should pay attention to during the display process.


(1) Image.If you exhibit activities are very important,it requirements the external image and temperament of the shopping guide, or even wear clothing consistent with the main exhibition products, rather than the usual working uniforms.Maybe wearing professional working suits may look agile, but nothing special targeted, often will not achieve the role to attract visitors.


(2) Service attitude.On the premise of understanding of the business, brand, product,the attitude of affable, active, enthusiastic but does not seem excessive, this is the basic requirements of the shopping guide. In the exhibition process, the role of shopping guide except for playing a role of  “welcome etiquette” ,he or she even should learn how to observe the mood and intention of visitors, and take the initiative to politely explain to visitors the brand and product. Guide them to touch and feel the product and feel the uniqueness, and try their best to arouse their interest in the products, and the interest in the brand.


What Size Is Suitable For Display Cabinet

Depending on the different application in the showcase production there are many problems need to pay attention to, then how to choose the proper display cabinets? In the following we will make a brief introduction:


The display cabinets and display rack against wall is the opaque backplane which can choose the same color with the cabinet appearance,white color(referral), mirror. And at the top can install the box films, cabinet lights can choose the fluorescent lamps, spotlights, LED spotlights. The height of the top with a light box generally range from 1800-2400mm, height of display cabinet under 1800 are inappropriate installed top lighting boxes. Depth ordinary from 350-400mm,If displaying larger sizes item can select depth 400mm.


2.The wooden display cabinets, display cabinets of wooden paint is the most commonly used display cabinets in modern shopping malls, such display cabinets mostly are custom and can manufacture all kinds of specifications, style of display cabinet in accordance with the design requirements.The style is very rich. When purchasing it is advisable for you to pay attention to the texture of the wood and paint quality.There are some wooden display cabinets which have the abundant texture such as beech,cherry, oak and the ones with coarse textures are ash, pine and so on.And thebaking varnish also divide into matt,semi-matt, light.In addition,the painting also have open wood grain paint, wood varnish, monochrome matt paint, varnish monochrome, high-end piano paint.Wooden display cabinets,display cabinets of wooden paint  are high-end display cabinets, normally used in the high-end exhibit area and for the use of luxury and elegant goods, the display cabinets should associated with all the showroom space and the show results.


3.The ordinary height of counter display cabinets range from 950mm to 1000mm and mostly used in the large-scale shopping malls, stores or outlets. Between 1000-1500mm width, depth between 500-600mm,having many type of front and back pulling which can be based on demonstrated needs. The front of the height when customers standing to view of the display cabinets ordinarily from 1300mm to1800mm and this part of the ordinary height restraint in the 150-200mm if the top equipped with light box or brand LOGO word. If not installed with light box at the top, display cabinets have the ordinary height between 1500-1700mm.When customers sitting or bow down to watch the display cabinets,the height ordinary between 800-1000mm,the appearance can be designed for the display cabinet style or square, circular, polygonal,etc


4.The square vertical display cabinets or display rack are the ordinarily four sides of the transparent glass.The display cabinets in the size of 400 * 400mm is more appropriate to show jewelry,jewelry accessories, watches, mobile phones and other items.And the display cabinet in the size of 500 * 500mm used to display gifts, large wall clock jewelry, handicrafts, electronic products, pens, alcohol and tobacco products, as well as the larger size of the merchadises.There are even larger display cabinets that is suitable for lage scal products display.


5.All-glass display cabinet and acrylic display cabinets.Such display cabinet is very transparent, can display the product in three-dimension and the specifications may be based on the size, type of merchandize.Such display cabinet is mostly used in large commodity such as crafts, large jade, exhibits, etc.When purchasing you should pay attention to the glass and the acrylic adhesive should be strong, carefully.The surface of glass, acrylic appearance have no scratches and the  milling average.


6.The aluminum frame, stainless steel frame display cabinets have the optional color is matte gold, snow white, black, white, western red, gray and other colors, and also can be customized by the color samples that customer requirements. The common gold or a strong sense of metal items are often use matte black, finished leather products, tobacco and alcohol, porcelain, crafts use more gold frame with black plate. The choice of colors common are related to the commodity requirements of the customer. In addition, the color temperature of ordinary light source of display cabinet range between 2700K-6400K,if the low color temperature,the light is yellow or red,if the high color temperature,the light is white and glare. Ordinary jewelry,the jewelry requested high color temperature and the illumination,while the ordinary crafts (leather goods) department stores require lower color temperature.

The Handling in the Production of Solid Wooden Display Cabinets

1. Dry


Wood have the features of porous, easy to absorb water and drainage, and is characterized by shrinkage when dry and swelling while wet, which caused the coating blistering, cracking and sticking back,therefore,new wood needs to be dried to a moisture content of 8%-12% and then it can blister coating. The drying methods have the naturally dry by airing and low-temperature drying.


2. Deburring


Planed or polished wooden surface, but there always remain some lignocellulosic residues do not completely detached from the surface, once they absorb moisture or solvent and get wetting ,they will expand and erect to be hand scraping, and affect the uniformity of surface painting,left the coated layer left obvious white spots.Therefore,make sure to remove the burr coating before vanishing. For those ordinary woodwork,it is okay to make several times of polishing. And for those senior wood products can refer to the following tips:


(1) Brush on a thin shellac on the surface (shellac: alcohol = 1:71:8), only in this way this bur will not only can erect,and it is very easy to clean byscrubs.


(2) Use the wetting clean cloth to wipe the surface just in order to make the burr absorbing water to swell and erect, until the surface is dry and polished with fine sandpaper. Such as adding some bone glue in water,then the effect would be the better.


(3) Adopt the fire method, which uses brush to make a thin layer of alcohol immediately with the fire igniting. And make the harden burr become crisp and easy to clean by scrubs, this method is only applicable to treat with plane.


3. Remove Stain


The surface of wooden products which is soiled by gumstreaks,you can use sandpaper to polish it, and then scrub with cotton yarn dipped in gasoline, if it is still can not clean,you can use the carpenter plane to clean the surface.


4. Wipe Off The Turpentine


Most of coniferous wood contain turpentine.There are oil of turpentine and rosin in turpentine, their existence may affect the adhesive ability of the coating and uniformity of color. In the case of high temperature,the turpentine will overflow from the timber which lead to the tacky coating. The commonly use method to clear turpentine is to wash with an organic solvent, such as washing with alcohol, turpentine oil, gasoline, toluene, and acetone, can also adopt the caustic cleaning solution of caustic soda range from 4% – 6% sodium carbonate solution,or use rosin saponification, and then get the brush or sponge dipped in hot water to scrub and clean it. Until the surface is clean, brush 12 shellac to the cleaning parts to prevent the turpentine to bleedout from the wood inner layer.


5. Bleach


Many wood contains natural pigments, such as mulberry wood, red sandalwood have the yellow, purple and red pigment.Wood pigment is sometimes necessary to retain in order to play a decorative role,if the wood products need to paint in pale color or paint any color has nothing to do with the original material color,the surface of white embryo of wood products should be bleached. Under normal circumstances, often make the bleaching treatment in the darker color of the partial surface to make the wood surface look similar to the coating color before.


6. Dyeing


In order to get a beautiful texture,uniform color of wood surface,the wood products generally need dyeing. Wood dyeing can generally be divided into color dyeing and debauchery dyeing twokinds. Color is dye solution,debauchery is dye alcohol solution. Water had prepared the acidic dyes, the function of  powder and blackpowder is consists of several acid dyes mixes. When usingcolor stainingmoisture volatilizes slowerdyeing uniformityand the price is loweasy to use.